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Metal 3D Printing

Specialized in all forms of intricate metal 3D printing.

Mechanical engineering

Our innovative team has many years of experience across a multitude of different product areas, from industrial, automotive to defence.

We have specialist expertise in conceptual and detail design, finite element analysis, thermodynamic analysis, stress and vibration analysis, airflow analysis, impact resistance, high-electromagnetic interference screening, ingress protection, international standards, manufacture and more.

  • Prototype Our experienced specialists help you from the first conceptual design of the device, with comments, optimization and various future add-on options, to the choice of material and the most suitable technological processes for the best possible and cost-effective production.
  • Analyses Using FEA, FMEA, FMECA and other analyses we examine each part of the product in detail and as a whole to optimize the strength, technological processes, electromagnetic and electrical interferences, interactions, critical elements and others. We don't leave anything to chance.
  • Production For your solution, we make all the necessary project documentation, drawings, 3D models, 3D visualization, we produce and assemble the product, test it, analyze and obtain all required certification. The user manual is also an integral part of the final product.

Electrical engineering

As experts in electronics, electrical installations, sensors, robotics and automation, we provide you with complete solutions in the field of industry, medicine and defence.

Our engineers have many years of experience in electrical systems and their interaction with the environment and users. Our solutions are ranging from the design of the smallest PCB components to complex industrial installations and production lines. Broad expertise gives us the advantage of having a complete overview of all the building blocks in the system.

  • PCB design With variety of field tested components and long time experience in high speed design, microprocessors, memory, IO, precision low noise signal processing, instrumentation amplifier and anti-alias filter for data acquisition, switch mode power supplies, motor drives and inverters, EMC compliance, shielding and much more, make our electronic circuits stand out in durability, reliability and robustness.
  • Device electrification When designing electrical systems we cooperate with you in selecting components, installing appropriate PCB circuits, selecting communication protocols, IP protection, RF and EMI protection, designing an electrical plan, and prepare everything needed to be compliant with EMC, CE and other standards.
  • Automation & robotics Prior to production, we provide a conceptual design for automation in 3D. Production lines are made with a selection of suitable drives, sensors, control systems and well prepared electrical wiring diagram. We introduce a control system, communication between different units, robotization as well as visualization of the project for real-time control.

Software engineering

Products we design and manufacture often include embedded command and control software. During all stages of the design and production cycle, it is essential that the integration of software and hardware is very close together, and we, therefore, do all this work in-house, from firmware to advance graphical user interfaces.

We also undertake standalone software projects. Besides, many products of our partners have additional requirements for application software for control or monitoring purposes. Our team has broad experience in many types of CPU, from 8-bit to 64-bit and covering a variety of programming languages and environments.

Our processes comply with the highest ISO 9001:2015 standards

Quality is an integral part of company management and it signifies the aspiration for constant improvement of all ongoing processes in the company.